Reliance Medical Transport recently relocated their headquarters to a new location in Virginia Beach as the business continues to grow. Dr. Rene Moncion is an emergency medicine physician and former naval officer who started the company in 2014 with two ambulances. Today, they have more than 100 employees and 27 ambulances in Virginia Beach, VA, and Salisbury, NC, and are adding locations in the mid-Atlantic area.

The company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration at the new headquarters on June 24th at 6 p.m. at 5261 Challedon Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.

“We built the company with a focus on timeliness, personalized care, and professionalism, with an emphasis on serving our military veteran population. In addition, we want to provide personal growth and career opportunities for our team,” explained Dr. Moncion. “We now have a new headquarters in Virginia Beach, a new location in Salisbury, NC, and we’re staffing for an additional location in Western North Carolina,” he added.

Dr. Moncion says he is especially proud because the service the company provides truly makes a difference in the lives of patients. “Many of our patients need dialysis, which is a lifesaving treatment that can prolong quality of life. Our EMTs transport these patients and develop close relationships with them. They become part of our extended family. I attribute our growth to hiring exceptional people who provide outstanding service to our patients, creating the best employment environment possible, and always focusing on company and personal growth.”

“When we treat employees well and provide a good-paying job with benefits and growth opportunities, success happens,” adds HR Manager Sheridan Moncion. “We are constantly hiring and looking for new talent. For those who want a career change or are looking to get their foot in the door in a health-related field, working at Reliance is a great opportunity with future growth that isn’t dependent on a college degree. We currently have a program where we hire drivers and cover the cost of tuition for them to attend EMT school.”

“Reliance has given me a lot of opportunities for growth. I am a junior supervisor, an FTO (field training officer), and I provide media content for our crews and staff,” said team member Kazi Rahman, who joined Reliance in 2018. “It’s so great to see the company growing, too. I have seen a lot of positive changes, and I really like the team environment.”

The new location serves as the headquarters for the fast-growing company as it expands into other regions.


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