At Reliance Medical Transport, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent benefits package. When comparing potential employers, it’s important to look at both pay and benefits to understand your full financial compensation.

Here’s a closer look at the exceptional benefits we provide:

1. 100% Company-Paid Health and Dental Insurance for Employees
Reliance covers 100% of each employee’s health and dental insurance. This means you won’t have hefty insurance premiums withheld from each paycheck, and you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. 

2. 401k Retirement Contributions and Employer Match
Reliance puts money into your retirement fund, so you’re building a strong financial future without going it alone. We provide a 100% match on up to 3% of employee deferrals and we match 50% dollar-for-dollar on the following 2% of employee deferrals. Your career with us equals free money in the bank for when you’re older.

3. 100% Company-Paid Disability and Life Insurance
Emergencies can happen to anyone, and they’re like a surprise attack on your wallet. Whether it’s a short-term setback or a more extended period of recovery, Reliance’s 100% Company-Paid Disability and Life Insurance help you avoid draining your savings or racking up debt during hard times.

4. Paid Vacation & Sick Time
Reliance wants team members to feel good about taking time off to rest and recharge. Our paid vacation and sick time means you can take a break without stressing about losing days of pay.

Check out our careers page today to see how our benefits can boost your bank balance while you make a difference in the world of medical transport.


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